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More than 40 Years of expertise and 8 Warehouses all over Italy, every day at your disposal.

Working with us means to have more than 5.500 products available in our competence sectors, but also to our expertise heritage that has been growing and maturing since 1975.

If you call us, our team will be ready to meet your problems and help you to find the best solutions, time bounded, precise and concrete. 

More than 40 years of expertise

Our main goal in the fields of Screen Printing, Digital and Decorating film, Transfer Films and Digital printers is to provide the best and smartest solution to our clients with the plus of a great Customer Care Team.

You will find us in the mayor cities all over Italy like: MILAN, BRESCIA, TREVISO, MODENA, FLORENCE, ANCONA. And more by our Re-selling Poins in PIEDMONT, ROME, SICILY AND SARDINIA! 

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Yesterday’s courtesy, today’s technologies

Our Company is improving everyday, we are in the market from more than 40 years and we are constantly evolving, learning and maturing. 

IMAS Grafica is always up with the times thanks to its courses, events and energetic team supported everyday by our suppliers that really make the difference! 

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There are no products, machineries or formats that can't fit in our warehouse!

We provide machineries and materials B2B for our Italian Customers, from Screen Printing to Digital Printing.

The market of printing products requires both expertise and experience and also a big availability of products if the goal is to provide a good service to all our customers.

Our Company is based on this principle, understanding the need of the customer in depth and not only to provide the most suitable products, but also the assistance and the knowledge that we gained with our expertise. This, to avoid that the process of selling is only an exchange of goods, but also a bound between IMAS Grafica and its customers.

For this reason, we own 7 warehouses and many resale points all over Italy, to allow a punctual and precise distribution of products and services.

IMAS Grafica sells high quality products coming from leader brands in the market but also with the brand IMAS Grafica: all of this in order to grant the best value for money, and a 24H shipping all over Italy. 

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